Local Inforamtion for San Antonio Bay

The history of Ibiza and Formentera has only really become clearer over the last decade. Extensive archaeological digs have discovered a history long before we could have ever imagined. Previous to these recent discoveries, it was thought that Ibiza´s history only went back as far as 650 B.C. when the Carthaginians first came to the island.

However the recent discovery of a grave in Formentera proves that the islands had inhabitants as far back as 3000 B.C. Since then many different nations have come to the islands, from the Carthaginians in 650 B.C. to the all conquering Romans. The island was seen as a strong-hold and extremely difficult to conquer due to its small size.

The enemy could be seen from a distance and after the construction of the high walls of Ibiza town, this part of the island was deemed as unconquerable. The people who have left by far their greatest mark on the island are the Arabs. They arrived in 9th century and stayed for the best part of 500 years. Their influence is still felt today in the construction of houses, the traditional costumes and the island´s dialect “Ibicenco”. Ibiza remained in relative peace for a long period under Arab rule until the arrival of the Catalans in 1235.

Legend has it that the strongly fortified citadel (previously seen as unconquerable) was only eventually captured through treachery. The ruling Sheik and his brother quarreled over a mistress in the harem and the brother revealed the secret underground passageway leading inside the city. Ibiza has however seen more growth in the last thirty years since the arrival of the latest group to conquer the island – the package holidaymaker.

Originally drawn to the natural beauty of the island, the locals were quick to embrace their new “conqueror” and the rest as they say is history!